DareDOCs is a complete Electronic Document Management System(EDMS) Solution which helps in archival of large volumes of Scanned Documents and all types of files in a secured online repository. It aims toward a complete paperless office. It has a strong search engine to search and retrieve documents with lightning speed.

It is an EDMS for creating, capturing, managing and archiving large volumes of documents and contents.

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DareBPM helps your enterprise achieve higher efficiency, visibility, and agility by delivering the features of business process management (BPM) and business process automation (BPA). DareBPM is the complete Business Process Management(BPM) solution suite for automating organizational process workflows. It has dynamic process designing features to incorporate major business needs in the today’s market. Any flow of documents based on the functionality, business rules, levels of authority and complex hierarchy of approvals can be designed and automated through the system. The solution has all the features of the DareDOCs to enhanced it with archival & Retreival in EDMS.

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SMS Solution

SMS Solutions Send Bulk SMS, SMS on Demand and Integrate with your existing application or database to send SMS. Schedule SMS and maintain MIS.

Bulk SMS is all-in-one web based Bulk SMS software for Bulk SMS Providers.

Our software offers reliable bulk text messaging capability.

Our online group texting & mobile sms services gives you an instant ,affordable way to stay in touch with customers.
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Bulk Email Sollution

Bulk Emailing Solutions Get Bulk Emailing Software / Bulk Emailing Service. Integrate Bulk Emailing feature with your existing application.

We provide bulk emails directly to your customers or client.

Mass email marketing is the best way to avoid the high cost of printing and postal cost of traditional direct mail.

This will also help to create a paperless environment and it is more effective.
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