DareDOCs is a complete Electronic Document Management System(EDMS) Solution which helps in archival of large volumes of Scanned Documents and all types of files in a secured online repository. It aims toward a complete paperless office. It has a strong search engine to search and retrieve documents with lightning speed.

It is an EDMS for creating, capturing, managing and archiving large volumes of documents and contents.

The basic features of Lite version are:
  • Twain supported GUI for Scanning.
  • Batch module for fine image editing and image management.
  • Dynamic Indexing Structure creation module.
  • Search module having Key, and, or and Like searching.
  • Secure repository having 3 levels of security - Login, Docubase Level and Trustee Level.
  • Dynamic validations for user input.
  • Easy Administration module.

The Pro version of DareDOCs has the above existing features of DareDocs. In addition to it, DareDocsPro offers far exciting and useful features like

  • Auto Indexing - Index bulk scanned image files in one click.
  • Content Search - Search any word or phrase as a full text search in any Doc, Pdf and Images.
  • OCR & PDF Reader - This feature helps in extracting text from Scanned Document images.
  • Dynamic Report Builder - Build any report and link it to application GUI with the basic knowledge of SQL.

Why use EDMS?

Documents, be they in digital, print or other formats, focused on financial, operational, marketing or other business areas are the lifeblood of any organization. While most documents have intrinsic value to a business only a finite number have continued relevance and require frequent access. Unfortunately, because of the sheer volume of documents in any organization, locating and retrieving vital ones in a timely fashion can sometimes be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Most businesses have a mix of digital and hard copy documents, both active and archived, stored onsite and offsite, organized by nonsensical terms. All of this increases costs and risks for any organization. A single source supplier for document management solutions can help remove operational risks in every company is exposed to.

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