Dare Infotech focusses in the grassroot coalition of companies concerned on transforming the way organizations work with paper and electronic content. Our approach towards Go GREEN Initiative concentrates on reducing a company's carbon footprint as well as paper usage through the use of content management and imaging technologies.With between 70-80% of an organization's processes still being managed on paper, the Go GREEN Initiative specifically identifies common paper intensive processes and converts them to automated workflows. The Dare Infotech's Go GREEN initiative looks to create business efficiencies and reduce reliance on paper based transaction processing.Organizations of all sizes are tasked with managing heavy paper, and electronic content processes and departments. Paper has long been a requirement to comply with federal compliance mandates, track and audit activities, approve and review business operations. Paper, and now electronic content is at the center of everything we do.We offer various technologies to convert your papers into electronic content and solutions to manage those electronic content. Below are the most known ways to join hands into the Go GREEN Initiative.


  • 15% of an organizations revenues are spent creating, managing and distributing documents

  • 60% of employee time is spent working with documents

  • 85% of business documents are in paper form

  • The average document is copied 5 times

  • 90% of a business's information is in documents

  • At $30/hr, knowledge workers waste $4,500/year working with paper

  • Huge cost is involved in printing and courier charges

  • Paper is vulnerable to natural damages and has possibilies of getting lost.

  • E-Communication is much organized and easier than paper communication.

Scanning & Digitization

Dare Infotech have specialised people who have Experience of more than 15 yrs in the field of Scanning & Dizitization. We firmly believe that our processes and document management solutions will help your business reduce administration cost, less paper work and increase customer service levels, which will ultimately add value to your business.

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Document Management System

In most companies, documents are stored in a variety of places - on networks, on hard drives, CDs, and zip drives, in file cabinets, drawers and in different locations as well. To simplify this situation, documents and images are held in a single repository that simplifies managing and retrieving the files when necessary by the help of a Document Management System

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Bulk Email & SMS

Bulk Emailing Solutions

Get Bulk Emailing Software / Bulk Emailing Service. Integrate Bulk Emailing feature with your existing application.

SMS Solutions

Send Bulk SMS, SMS on Demand and Integrate with your existing application or database to send SMS. Schedule SMS and maintain MIS

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